Noé & Getaround

During my Product Management bootcamp at Noé, we were tasked in a group of 4 to solve a real live product problem. Our group was assigned to work with Getaround, the leading car sharing company in Europe.

Our role

The problematic that we were assigned to solve was : How can Getaround improve their user experience to boost the repetition rate? Our users we had to focused on were the drivers, not the owners.

With my group, we worked from the product discovery part with real user interviews and data analysis, to framing and prioritizing hypothesis, to creating prototypes on Figma and presenting our suggested solutions to Getaround’s Product Manager.


The focus of the case study was to improve the users’ experience on the mobile app.

We downloaded the app and actually rented a car on the Getaround platform to experience and study the full user’s journey.

We add access to a dataset sample from the Getaround’s team to study user’s quantitative trends.

Finally, we received Getaround design elements to create Figma prototypes of our solutions matching Getaround’s branding.

Key Takeaways

  • I have validated that I can solve a problem following the product management’s methodology from A to Z.
  • How to create prototypes on Figma and increase communication with Jira.
  • How to work with new team members I didn’t know before the project with diverse backgrounds.
  • How to approach and solve problems for the drivers without impacting the experience of the car’s owners.