Former Marketer now Product Manager.

I help scale-ups boost user and revenue growth through creative iterative solutions, strategic product prioritization of ROI-driven features, and making informed, data-driven decisions.

I have been working for 10 years in Tech, these are my 4 most recent experiences.

Melanie is a very passionate and enthusiastic professional to work with. We had the opportunity to collaborate on product led growth initiatives. She’s creative, full of ideas and has the skills to align several stakeholders and execute the ideas well. I particularly enjoyed our brainstorming sessions and workshops on product onboarding for different user personas, on improving data streams, understanding metrics better and driving revenue platform initiatives. She’s well researched and prepared, always has eyes on the big picture with attention to detail at the same time. As a PM, she will certainly make working on hard problems fun with her sharp focus, human leadership, excellent communication and positive energy. I’m glad our paths crossed, and I’m confident any team would be lucky to have her as a PM on their team!

Paridhi Dixit, Senior Product Manager at STRAPI