SOS Accessoire

From 2018 to 2019, I was their International Growth Product Manager with the mission to launch Germany, Italy, and the UK market.

My role

SOS Accessoire is the leading e-commerce for appliances in France. I was tasked to launch three different local websites and develop the sales of these websites. My role also involved hiring translators, native Customer Services agents, RP agencies and optimizing the full experience from the website landing to the delivery and payments services.


Launching in three markets didn’t only involve copy-pasting and translating websites. I had to adapt the e-commerce offer to the specificities of the countries. German customers had different needs than Italian users. Thanks to the help of our local translators and the local user agents that I hired, I was able to understand better these markets despite my lack of personal experience of these countries.

Each new content or content optimization couldn’t be done without a deep SEO check. As you may know, SEO is highly decisive for an e-commerce success and technically challenging.

But launching an e-commerce product wasn’t only happening on the front pages. I also had to benchmark and find the right vendors to process payments and manage deliveries. I also opened a few extra local marketplaces to provide our products to a maximum of customers.

Key Takeaways

  • Website management and SEO for an ecommerce
  • Collaborating with an external Prestashop tech team.
  • How to find and evaluate the right local vendors.
  • How to run data analysis of our sales and inventory on both Prestashop and Serenytics.
  • How to create two Customer Success small teams for Italy and Germany.