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  • What is Open-Source?

    It is difficult to talk about technology without mentioning patents, the race to innovate and industrial secrets. To succeed against your competitors, you have to innovate and protect your technological lead. And yet, within this great tech market of billions of dollars, one software trend remains against the tide: Open-Source software. The main characteristic of…

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  • What Growth Hacking isn’t

    Growth Hacking is not new. The term has been around since 2010. However, prejudices and misunderstandings are still prevalent. Job offers for Growth profiles (Growth Engineer, Growth Marketer, Growth Hacker) can be counted by the hundreds. But, many published missions miss what this job is really about. And, the training that promise you to become…

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  • What does a Growth Engineer do?

    This article is the result of two events that took place in the same week. A conversation with my friend Tuka, growth at CodingGame and one of my former students at Rocket School, who asked my opinion on the Growth Engineer profession for a possible retraining. And the same week, I received a LinkedIn message…

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